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Welcome to the home page of Epos4u Cymru

Whether you are new to the world of Epos systems; or looking to start a new venture or even if you are seeking to streamline your business, we have the perfect solution for you.

If its software you need, Epos4u Cymru can help you turn your existing PC into a till system with our fantastic windows based software and applications. It's quick, easy to use and we will guide you through the process

Why Epos4u? Our team has over 20 years experience in the retail industry.

We have developed our software products for over 20 years, with applications that run in marketing, mobile markets, retail, and hospitality. We have a fantastic range of products that deliver for our customers.

With hardware options available, let us bring your business up-to-date now.

Welsh New Business Startup Voucher's


Coming soon and introducing a very special Epos4u Cymru Voucher. We would like to see businesses flourishing on our highstreets and in our towns. Starting out in business is difficult and costly. As there are lots of hidden pitfalls and people looking to take advantage of you.  Funding streams seem to be limited and harder to get. As we are a proud welsh business, we are now looking to help other businesses grow in wales.  To do this we have now got a fantastic voucher especially for new business start-ups. With this voucher, you will get a fantastic new epos system. Complete with till draw ticket printer and barcode scanner.

We will install the iX50 plus and add one free module of your choice. We will deliver it to your business along with a year’s free support and license.

When this vouchers redeamed you will get all this for £899.00

The next year’s license fee will cost you £210 pounds. Saving you a total of £301 pounds. Why you ask? We love small businesses and want you to succeed. More details to follow..... Contact us for details.....

Introducing the iX50 Range POS software: an advanced, POS program that will deliver affordable, high quality to its users.


**There is no Internet required for this software to run**

**There are no Monthly Cloud Service Charges and No Monthly Direct Debit Agreement's**

**Epos4u provides FREE email support for the duration of a Valid Licence**


The iX50 runs on Windows-based systems: installed to replaced existing software, with one simple payment you get 12 months trouble free usage with the option of renewing your product at the end of the term.

Contact us today and let us help you; modernise your business, save you time and money with our software. You won't find a more competitive system cheaper......

Latest Developments

Work is now well under way on our latest version of iX50 software. Set to be lunched in the summer of 2017, the iX50ii plus will have some very amazing features. The software has new customisation options to change the layout of your epos terminal display. The buttons have been updated. There is also customer database, txt messaging, emailing and onscreen advertising.

There a couple of features that are still under wraps at this stage but this system will be unrivalled by our competition and be at a price that is so affordable, other epos companies are going to struggle to compete.

We are also now working on a system especially tailored for the hairdressing industry. Come back soon for more news and updates. If you fancy running one of our fantastic software ranges then message us today and let us discuss your business requirements. We are able to give customers online demo's of all our products.



New for 2017 is the CT 350 Epos terminal with a modern design it really does bring style to your business.




Intel Celeron 1037 Processor



15" 1024x768 LDC Screen

Full Flat Capacitive Touch Screen

Windows Pos Ready 7

6 x USB Ports, 1 X Serial ( Com ) Port, 1 X Parallel ( LPT ) Port, 2 x PS / 2 Ports.


Available in two colour schemes black and white it takes pride of place on any retail counter. ( Contact us today for further details and a personal quotation )


PDQ - Update


Our PDQ coding now goes through to the live testing stages. With our team, having spent the last few weeks hard at work and coding, we are now very pleased with the latest developments. We have had recent conformation and successfully passed the initial stages and the QA stages of our PDQ product testing.

We are now well on our way to been certified and accredited with our PDQ software. There is now a number of businesses out there that are running our PDQ software to look for any last-minute snags. So far so good, the Epos4U team have done an excellent job. Once this stage is passed we will see our software released to the UK initially for live use by our partners.

Our PDQ software will run through "Wi-Fi" connections and our iX50 range is already compatible to run it. This is yet another way we will save our customers money. Come back soon for more details...............

With many of our products available by remote installation, we can get you up and running with software in the same day. Contact us now and let us save you time and money. Once you have used our applications, you will wonder why you didn't join us sooner.


 You really won't find a better appliaction at the prices we offer.

This is not 3rd party sharware.


All our applications are written, developed and produced in Wales.....

Fantastic New Product Range For "2017"

Explore our best selling offers


** New ix50 Plus + epos2go App **

** Requires broadband conection on pos till. **


Works on any mobile phone using browser and IP of the POS terminal. This software runs on Windows based systems.


Get in touch with us today for more details on our very latest must have product.

"Remote installation available on all our software products"

** E-waiter4U **

A module application running with our ix50 plus software, have control of your customers food orders using PDA's, tablets or mobile phones on the move.


Send food orders to the kitchen or till whilst stood with your customer. 


E-waiter  4U is available with 4 different modules.


**  Classic addition - 5 staff users £200  **

**  Silver addition - 10 staff users £300  **

**  Gold addition - 20 staff users £450  **

**  Platinum addition - ulimited users £900  **


( For Silver, Gold, Platinum modules, contact us directly)

Wifi connection required.

** Digital Display **

*****   DigiBoard Software   ****

Special Promotion price of just £21.99
Use your own computer and turn it into a Digital Display system.

Output to single or mult-Monitors (via HDMI/VGA splitter),
Primary monitor or extended secondary monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution.

Used in Expo's, Pubs, Clubs, Cafe's
Takeaways,  Salons, Travel & Property agents,
Retail & Hospitality businesses


"Need a new sytem?"

Just one of many options available, we now have a system available for businesses with limited space. A new micro system loaded with our most advanced Epos application. A 12 month licensed iX50 plus setup.


Bringing you our most advanced back office features with the choice of adding extra applications and modules for Room service, Tables, Delivery and Collection, Tab's, caller ID for food orders etc. Fully Wifi compatible with PDQ compatibility built in and free Support for the duration of the license.


 Contact us for further details...

** iX50 Plus **

Our most advanced epos application with built in features for PDQ and with an advanced back office feature, making the need for 3rd hand additional software redundant. Manage your stock, staff, produce reports for your accountants. Add additional modules to customise the application to suit your business needs. 


**You won’t find a better epos application cheaper** 


Contact us for further details......

    The "iX 50 lite"



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