Introducing our very own table management module 

(iX50 Plus Software required)

This is the perfect solution for any fine food establishment, café, restaurant, bar or eating area.

Table gives the user full control and settings over the layout of the venue. This is so you can mirror your dining area perfectly on screen perfectly. For bigger venues, you have the choice of 4 dinning zones, each with their own place settings.

Add and remove tables or change table styles to perfectly reflect your business. With induvial numbering for your tables, you can manage perfectly your customer orders, allocating their orders to their specific table. Orders are then easy to send to the kitchen for the team to start preparing the food. With table management, you can see how much your customers have in total on the table and also how long they have been sat at that table. Some of our users find this feature beneficial to ensure timely service for people who are waiting.

This makes keeping track of food and drinks simple. The table management module helps you have a perfect overview of the food area at a simple glace.

When customers are ready, print off their itemised bill and take to their table. This allows for the customer to process the bill upon checking out. There is also a feature for splitting the bill when you have different people wishing to contribute. 

(For more details contact us today)  Why not go that step further and add or waiter module?


** E-waiter4U **


A module application running with our ix50 plus software, have control of your customers food orders using PDA's, tablets or mobile phones. All whilst on the move with your customers. For people looking to streamline their business this is a must have for any serious food venues.


 No further  time wasted with staff queing at a till waiting to process a food order. No delays in getting the order to the kitchen. All this and more with just a click of  botton. E-waiter4U comes in a number of packages. It's simple and easy to use.



This will streamline your business. (Send food orders to the kitchen or till whilst stood with your customer) 


E-waiter 4U is available with 4 different modules


**  Classic addition - 5 staff users £200  **

**  Silver addition - 10 staff users £300  **

**  Gold addition - 20 staff users £450  **

**  Platinum addition - ulimited users £900  **


Wi-fi connection required.


Come back soon for more details...........


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