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March 2017

We have just taken delivery of the very latest 350’s hardware and they are totally awesome machines. They are without doubt very attractive in looks and would be well suited on any retail or hospitality counter. This latest terminal has a better processor so will result in quicker transactions as well as having more internal memory for storage. All our epos systems require a 10 day turnaround from order to the customer. This is so that we can personally set up each machine and tailor it to your individual requirements.

February 2017


Work is now well under way on our latest version of iX50 software. Set to be lunched in the summer of 2017, the iX50ii plus will have some very amazing features. The software has new customisation options to change the layout of your epos terminal display. The buttons have been updated. There is also customer database, txt messaging, emailing and onscreen advertising.

There a couple of features that are still under wraps at this stage but this system will be unreeved by our competition and be at a price that is so affordable, other epos companies are going to struggle to compete. We are also now working on a system especially tailored for the hairdressing industry. Come back soon for more news and updates. If you fancy running one of our fantastic software ranges then message us today and let us discuss your business requirements. We are able to give customers online demo's of our products.

Epos4u Cymru has now joined the West Chrshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce. 


After a successful meeting with Debbie  Stokes , Membership Director the Chamber seemed like the perfect place for Epos4u Cymru to be and we are very happy to be involved.

We are looking forward to meeting other members and networking with other businesses.  With some great contacts and like minded people, we are  really excited for 2017 and what the year has in store.


January 2017


"PDQ - Update"


Our PDQ coding now goes through to the live testing stages. With our team, having spent the last few weeks hard at work and coding, we are now very pleased with the latest developments. We have had recent conformation and successfully passed the initial stages and the QA stages of our PDQ product testing.

We are now well on our way to been certified and accredited with our PDQ software. There is now a number of businesses out there that are running our PDQ software to look for any last-minute snags. So far so good, the Epos4U team have done an excellent job. Once this stage is passed we will see our software released to the UK initially for live use by our partners.

Our PDQ software will run through "Wi-Fi" connections and our iX50 range is already compatible to run it. This is yet another way we will save our customers money. 

Come back soon for more details...............

December 2016




With the latest coding near completion, we are now very near to the live test stages with our PDQ systems. Set to be released in early 2017 our iX50 system will now connect to a portable PDQ machine enabling the user to take payment on the move in the business place.

We are very excited with this new development. It will deliver a great solution to our customers. We are certain that our customers are going to love it to. Not only does our system connect via wifi to the till, it is also cheaper to utilise in the business for the customer. This is just another way that Epos4u is saving our clients money and helping modernise business.

We are very confident that our system will perform well and meet the required test criteria. With the introduction of our PDQ software, we will soon be able to offer our customers many great live payment options. These will include, contactless payments and apple pay. There is also some good news for customers who are currently tied into contracts with other suppliers. Our PDQ partners offer a price promise on their equipment but they will also buy out contracts within 6 months or less. This is yet another way we are working to help deliver you savings.  

       iX50 Club & Bar addition


With applications to suit all our customers needs, why not let Epos4U be at the heart of your business. Currently in use at locations around the UK and abroad, there has never been a better time to come and join us. Our customers have seen big savings to their running costs.  What are you waiting for ?

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